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Alluna Optics Alluna RC-24 24" f/8 Ritchey Chretien Telescope

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Product Description

Alluna Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes use two hyperbolic mirrors with outstanding universal properties. Compact design with low weight, color purity, planes, coma and astigmatism free field of 65 mm in diameter. Very small spot diameter until the outer edge of the image field. All components, optics, mechanics and software meet highest quality standards. Robust CNC machined aluminium Carbon Truss Tube guarantees high stability and easy handling. All major Tube components have a complex honeycomb pockets, which gives an extremely light but highly stable tube.

Since the Ritchey-Chrétien is a system with two mirrors, it has no chromatic aberration, therefore, it can cross the entire spectrum from ultraviolet to long-wavelength infrared (100nm-12mu). Through the excellent on-and off-axis image quality, the large usable field and the versatility of a Ritchey-Chrétien system, our RC-telescopes specially designed for use in astrophotography and a wide range of astronomical research. The RC telescopes are also a great visual instrument and thus usable for observatories.

The optical design was from one of the best European specialists in the field of telescope optics, developed exclusively for Alluna Optics. In our own production of each single mirror set we use extreme precision and care in manufacturing and testing. 

Basic information for all Alluna RC:
- Available sizes: 16 / 18 / 20 / 24 inch f 8.1 System

- Real Ritchey-Chrétien Telescope with two hyperbolic mirrors
- Also available with glass ceramic Zerodur primary mirror
- Interferometrically tested and certified optics min. 1 / 20 wave RMS / 633nm
- High-quality aluminum 94% coating with plasma polymer protective layer
- AFFC Field Corrector - flattened, koma and astigmatism free field of 65 mm diameter
- Future proof for even bigger CCD chip of the new generation
- max. 1.5 micron rms spot radius of 25 mm off-axis / 486-656 nm
- Available in the ultraviolet to infrared (coating depends)
- large back focus area with 355 mm
- heavy, stiffer CNC Truss carbon / Aluminum
- easy adjustment and large adjust stable over a long time
- vignetting free with large 4-inch connection
- Secondary focus, with position memory, automatic Focus-positioning, auto-focus-drift-compensation
- Temperature measurement directly at the mirror
- OneView temperature monitor, automatic fan control
- Telescope control system for automatic monitoring of Focus Temperature, fan and CCD Bildfeldrotator on your PC
- prepared for Bildfeldrotator
- one USB cable is sufficient to control the entire telescope
- ASCOM interface
- short delivery
- cheaper or slightly more expensive than, for example, a simple Dall-Kirkham Telescope at much higher quality, features and better overall performance of optical
- absolutely high-quality optics, mechanics and software complete fabrication 'Made in Germany " !

Technical Information for the 24" RC:

Ritchey-Chrétien 24 "f8, 1
Back Focus: 355 mm
1 / 25 wave RMS / 633 nm

Primary mirror
Mirror diameter: 610 mm
Aperture: f3 concave hyperbolic
Standard coating: Aluminum 94%
Glass: Pyrex or glass ceramic, such as Zerodur or Sitall

Mirror diameter: 215 mm
convex hyperbolic
Standard coating: Aluminum 94%

Twin lens corrector
Flat, coma-free field and astigmatism: 65 mm

Tubular Tube
Material: Carbon / Aluminium
18 point mirror storage
Fan: 4 pieces
Output opening 100 mm
Secondary focussing
Telescope control system more info
120 kg total weight with optics

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